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New Release: Blurred Lines Anthology! A collection of short stories dedicated to trans* and genderqueer characters.

$2.99 ebook


New Release: Coffee Break Quickies Anthology! Six short tales of mixing business with pleasure by exploring love and lust in the office.

$2.99 ebook


New Release: The Sub's Gift by S.L. Armstrong & Erik Moore! When Ryan and Amber introduce a new submissive into the family, Kyle wonders if he's being replaced.

$3.99 ebook


New Release: Gift of Self by Kathleen Tudor! Jeffrey wants to be acknowledged as Jessie, but is afraid that mistress Athena won't understand or accept the change.

$1.49 ebook


New Release: An Unexpected Gift by Joann Lee! The death of Skylar's wife still weighs on her even five years later, but with the help of Abigail and her daughter, she may be able to start living again.

$2.49 ebook


New Release: A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe by Bobbi Romans! Cathy's "Twelve Days of Christmas" vacation starts out wonderful, but a freeway accident and a mysterious text to her husband's phone throw her life into turmoil.

$2.99 ebook


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New Release! "Blurred Lines" Anthology


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New Release! "Coffee Break Quickies" Anthology


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