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Advent: Collected Shorts

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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The tradition of the Advent calendar goes back as far as the beginning of the 19th century. Special calendars were produced, counting down the days until Christmas, usually with a small poem or gift accompanying each day. The authors of this collection of erotic fiction bring a steamy twist to that practice, by offering a free, never-before-released short for each day of the holiday season. The twenty-nine stories within this special ebook vary greatly, with genres ranging from contemporary western to high fantasy and relationships spanning the paranormal, polyamorous, anthropomorphic, and even demonic.

Escape the summer heat with a reading spree or take the stories one at a time to celebrate the winter months. These wintery themed short stories embrace gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual pairings alike, showcasing a diverse expanse of characters from both previously published books from S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet and various works in progress that haven't yet made it to publication. This collection allows you to revisit your favorite characters from The Keeper, Morningstar, Rachmaninoff, Catalyst, Sacrifices, Breaking Point, and Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley. In addition to the familiar, these shorts provide glimpses of the many fantasy characters and races of the World of Egaea. Whether for the old or for the new, this collection delivers on diversity.

Advent Collection
Icy Desperation - Country music star North argues with rancher Cade about the secrecy of their relationship.
Winner Take All - Tavish finally manages to catch his mate during their winter hunting ritual.
Silent Night - Phinn is charged with the erotic task of staying silent until midnight.
Love and Duty - Though duty binds Darron to Spinners Forest for the winter, Maelog insists love take priority.
Holiday Dreams - When Dorian asks Gabriel what he dreams during the holidays, his answer comes as a bit of a shock.
Midnight Snack - Vampire Aric brings Irishman Liam back to his lover, Nikola, as a snack for two.
Endurance - A supernatural visit brings hope to Morgan in the face of his master's abuse.
While Away the Time - Triplets Justyn, Jevyn, and Jasyn take advantage of a blizzard to pounce their mate, Kyran.
To Be Free - Lust slave Zhen sneaks out into the snow and is rewarded by his reluctant master for showing individuality.
A Debt to Pay - Lilith ventures into a plague-ridden brothel to rescue Cain from the gruesome conditions.
Lights in the Darkness - Meh'al and Drayis share Solstice traditions from their disparate cultures.
Love's Agony - Alex is caught in a cycle of compulsive violence and domination with his inhuman lover, Ranae.
The Gift - A gift from his mate, Terfel, forces Gauwyn to face the lingering inner demons from his past.
Cracked Serenity - Evan is displeased when his demigod lover rescues an Elf suffering from resurrection madness.
Gift of Life Recognized - After working long shifts, Bastian happily returns home to share blood with his ghoul, Riley.
Unleashed - Terrill gifts his feral lover, Bleidd, a collar and simultaneously offers Bleidd unexpected freedom.
From Her Perch - Moon watches from a distance as her wolf makes his bid for Alpha of the werewolf pack.
Tooth and Nail - Mary finds herself in a volatile tryst with Ruin, the Ten of Swords.
Quiet As Mice - Sasha and Aneira attempt to enjoy some intimacy while their daughter sleeps nearby.
A Christmas Tradition - After ten years together, Hadi tries to establish a tradition with Judas.
The Cat Will Play - Feral-Maith Dax enjoys a winter holiday in a snowy cave with his two lovers, Eldan and Falynn.
A Christmas Kiss - Logan and Kasper open presents and put one to very good use in a loving BDSM scene.
A Solstice Mating - Veerle insists Ky'ahn spend Solstice with her and introduces Ky'ahn to a very special toy.
Yuletide Sacrifices - Jarrett receives a special gift from King Audric and makes a sacrifice to be with him.
The Pretty Painter - Brice enjoys the ballet and a tryst in the limo with Trela, the Muse of Insanity.
Piercing Cold - Nahele enjoys Keegan's company and surprises him with an ice cold twist in their games.
The Glittering Boughs - Radueriel and Morningstar pick out a Christmas tree, and make love after decorating it.
Season of Giving - Ethan celebrates his anniversary in the Land of Dreams by creating his ideal holiday with Morpheus.
The Twinkle of a Life - Patrick, Lorelei, Quinn, and Dorian exchange gifts before enjoying one another as a group.

North shivered as he finished emptying the wheelbarrow for what had to be the hundredth time. Who knew horses could make so much of a mess? And in the dead of winter, no less! "No animal should ever shit that much," he mumbled, trying to wipe the sweat from his forehead without smearing grime all over himself.

"A little harsh, don't you think? They can't help themselves."

North spun around, his heart jumping up into his throat. His eyes met Cade's, and he huffed out a breath of relief, watching it fog the air between them. "Shit, Cade."

Cade's gaze dropped to the wheelbarrow for a moment. "I see that."

North laughed and shivered again. "I meant shit, you crept up on me. I was just finishing up."

"Emma Rae and the others are already inside eating." When North took the wheelbarrow back into the barn, Cade followed and leaned against one of the stalls. "Why did you volunteer to stay out in the cold, shoveling shit?"

It took North a couple of swallows before he could manage an answer. Cade looked too damn sexy in his jeans, flannel, and jacket, his Stetson low on his brow. "Why not? No one'd miss me."

Something flashed in Cade's eyes. "That's a pitiful lie, and you know it."

4 - Alex at Between the Covers
"[L]ots of hot, steamy sex with various pairings (mainly m/m, but some m/f, f/f, plus a few sets of multiple partners, and some incestual involvement). Plus, while sex was the focus, there were plenty of teases for the stories to come. If you want smokin' holiday sex, this will have a little of everything...enjoy the buffet!"




433 pages

Release Date

November 16, 2012

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Free Read


Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual



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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, F/F, M/F, fantasy, western, religious themes, paranormal, vampire, werewolf, polyamory, incest, BDSM, rape, slavery