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K. Piet

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Aaron is a dominant soul stuck in an ivory tower. His inexperience with the submissive side of the Scene prompts a fellow top named Travis to offer Aaron a chance to see what he's been missing. When Aaron agrees, the experience threatens to knock down Aaron's entire house of cards. And he's not entirely sure he minds.

It should have made him uncomfortable, the pulsing pain that slowly seeped into his muscles with each strong blow. It should have made him tense even more and call it all off, but instead he felt the beginnings of arousal flare low in his gut. It made the light rocking of his groin against the bedspread so much more erotic than he'd thought it would be. The pleasure of it dulled his wits, or maybe it just forced his mind to stop questioning every reaction so he could simply feel. Either way, he found himself relaxing even more instead of tensing against every strike, and Travis' voice coached him through every moment.

"You know how it is from my place. You watch the reactions, how the body moves, and you play around with pace, power, and placement until you find just the right combination. When you receive... you feel that experimentation, don't you?"

The pressure became more stingy and rode higher up on his backside, and he grunted, tensing when the hand went too high. "Yeah," he admitted, his voice a little breathless as his heart pounded against his ribcage.

"And you feel when that perfect place is struck?"

Aaron unconsciously licked his lips as he closed his eyes and gave in just a little more, following the subtle instructions in Travis' words without a fight. He didn't know that there really was a perfect place on him, but as the hand moved around his backside, the angle changing, he felt the throbbing pleasure spike. Another gasp left him as his eyes flew open, and he stared blindly at the headboard. "There!"

4.5 - Jenre at Brief Encounters
"The story is very much about the balance of power and part of its appeal for me is in seeing the shifting power of the two men.... I'd really like more from these characters... but I'm not sure whether anything is planned for them. I'd still recommend this story for those who like BDSM and are looking for a short with a couple of well rounded and interesting characters."

4.5 - Rainbow Reviews
"[A]s the Tower is change, so the story evolves, Aaron's untested beliefs about himself crack and crumble, and I found myself more and more drawn in to Aaron and Travis's explorations ~ of sensation, of trust, of what it means to be in a D/s relationship. Impressive. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Coffee Time Romance
"Sexy and heart-rate rising, this story shows K. Piet’s talent for turning mere words into sensual images. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Janna at Rarely Dusty Books
"I found this a hot and entertaining story for such a short offering.... The way the characters are portrayed and brought to life so easily, with an interesting potential conflict, is a good indication for the possibilities this couple offers. "

4 - Fire Pages
"K. Piet has provided us a very sexy read with Surrender.... I really enjoyed this story for a few reasons. First, this tale is very believable. You have a control freak who agrees to let go of the reigns and experience pleasure in a way he has not experienced before.... I also liked this short because of Travis' personality. He is not some arrogant jerk that one may expect since he is confident in showing his skills in a public club. Well written, very creative, and quite believable, Surrender is a quick and easy read that I definitely recommend."

3 - Sally at Bibrary Book Lust
"On the surface, it’s a straight-forward contemporary gay romance, but one that does a wonderful job of exploring not just the sexual, but also the emotional release that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be dominated. If you’ve never considered yourself the submissive type, you may just be curious enough to play this card at least once. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

0 - John Myers at Hot Bods Erotica Reviews
"Subs and Doms. Complicated and yet so simple. Aaron is a Dom who discovers he's getting really turned on by watching a sub doing some public action. He loses a bet, and ends up on the receiving end of some very hot action. Hot sex here, plus a great look at the Dom shaken and stirred. Aaron isn't quite the man he thought and Piet gives us a fantastic look into the complex world of S&M. Travis and Aaron are wicked together, and the story just works on every level."


Cast the Cards


8,900 words
17 pages

Release Date

April 02, 2011

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

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